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Lunar app

This is the best of the best Thank you I hope you don't charge me now this is the best App for living near the water 👍🏼 This is the best app hope no charge I live in a flood zone & have this ready at all storms & right ready with my tide clock & wind app 👏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Review good


Good app

Wish I could change the time stamps to local time.


I live in the USA where the times changes to Daylight Savings Time in the Spring, but the app doesn't change automatically, nor does it have a method to change the time. So, sunset, sunrise, moon set and moon rise are currently incorrect.

Great app

Wish I could figure out how to change the time zone....???

Great App!

Best one I've seen. Although I haven't purchased the full app yet, I intend do. I really like the free version but could do without the ads, and it would be nice to click further ahead to see moon phases. Has everything you need to know about moon phases.

Pop up Ads!!!

Would have been a nice app except for the full page pop up ads, uninstalled within minutes of installation

Moon app

Really like this app

Awesome app

Awesome app!

Moon App

Really great app

Best moon phase app I've used






Muito legal

Para quem gosta de acompanhar as fases da lua, vale a pena!

Great app!


Best app I have found

This is just what I was looking for. Easy and full of good info

Love it!

After trying several similar apps, this one by far is the best. Nice, clean, easy to read home page. Great! Oh yeah, it's free!

Great graphics

Interface makes great use of the space. Moon images are excellent.


Very friendly

Wonderful little app

Love it. Beautiful screen with a cool looking moon and helpful information. Let's you easily track the moon on a daily basis. Already becoming one of my favorite moon apps.


Me gusta que está en Español


Great, like the moon brightness feature. But the timing for moonrise and moon set is not so accurate.

Great app

Best moon app I have found. Everything you need to know on one screen.

Moon watch

Excellent app. I especially like the info. on the brightness of the moon each night. Tried others but prefer this one above the others.

Lunar Watch

Outstanding - great presentation, graphics, information. It's all good!!!


Really like it so far. Compared to other apps and info and aesthetic seem better than other free apps.

Awesome job guys!

I love this app! It's already taught me a lot about the moon and I've only had it for a little while.

Nice App!

I love this app in that it allows you to view the sunrise and sunset each day. Nice job!


I've only had this app for a small amount of time, but I'm already in love with it! It's extremely helpful by keeping you updated with the lunar cycle :)

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